Kathryn Davies

Kathryn Davies mirrored in her work

My work is driven by a curiosity of the nature of experience which I explore in my sessions as psychotherapist, through meditation practice and my art work. The creative process for me is an investigation, opening my mind to new ways of seeing and being. I enjoy exploring the mysterious relationship between inner experiences and outer realities. My art practice is a means of gaining insight into how the mind manifests, grasps and fixates on the world it perceives. This entails a dismantling of preconceived ideas, moving beyond boundaries to glimpse experientially pre conceptual awareness before and between form; absence of separation between mind and phenomena, subject and object, inside and outside.

Kathryn Davies exhibition view of works

My current body of work explores the spaces between, the potency of the unspoken, what is present and what is absent, whats behind, beneath, and beyond words. I have explored themes of erasures, the unseen and unknown, form and formlessness, meaning and meaninglessness, giving form to silence.I enjoy the idea of unravelling and undoing solid things, exploring where things have been added, removed, erased or deleted. My work often involves a process of deconstruction: a fragmentation, distorting, stripping away, or peeling of objects.

Kathryn Davies mirror works

Kathryn Davies printed collage
1. the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.
“it is very rare for an ellipsis to occur without a linguistic antecedent”
a set of dots (…) indicating an ellipsis.