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My current work is an exploration of “potential space” through both a site specific installation and within my body and being. By inviting freedom to be unclear, undecided, unformed, untamed and ultimately undone, I have become interested in what is expressed through my bodily movements, gestures, emotions and energetic states as I attempt to allow flow from pleasure or curiosity, sensuality or a quality of experience rather than cognition. By recording and installing these moving image experiments in faux domestic contexts I hope to invite associations between present experience and expression of unconscious material, perhaps never felt states or responses to familial and internal oppressions and also the ways I resist those oppressions. Through these experiments it became clear that my body holds, at a cellular level, impressions of negatively held beliefs about homosexuality. The focus is not so much on personal narrative of queerness or oppression but the undoing or plain expression of deeply held structures of oppression in my body – which is a gay body and so shaped and restricted (perhaps punished) by heteronormativity.