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Richard Paton rusty ballons

Richard Paton

Science ideas to my art are like endorphins to a long distance runner looking at an infinite horizon. Navigation and magnetism are current themes that run through the work. See more at

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Colette West Notes on the Willow

Colette West

Life, thoughts and ideas are in constant flux. I am open to many lines of enquiry, impressions, themes and tastes. I resist finding a finite form so my work becomes a process of not becoming, or barely ‘making it’. As one possibility appears another disappears. With such an open stance, and a resistance to choose […]

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Gillian Daniell boy dancing shadow

Gillian Daniell

In all of my work the same preoccupations keep returning, themes of loss and the transience of light. It could be that light is a metaphor for memory, time passing and perhaps an unpredictable event or mark on the paper will trigger off another direction and then the light changes again. The work I am […]

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Susan Forster nails veiled

Susan Forster

I enjoying drawing on the aesthetic qualities of ordinary industrial materials in my work.

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Colin carpet


      My current work is an exploration of “potential space” through both a site specific installation and within my body and being. By inviting freedom to be unclear, undecided, unformed, untamed and ultimately undone, I have become interested in what is expressed through my bodily movements, gestures, emotions and energetic states as I […]

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Siobhan Beaton tree painting

Siobhan Beaton

I like work which demonstrates the untapped potential in the everyday and this is reflected in the materials I currently work with. This includes organic and inorganic materials such as thorns, ash, wind and plastic washing up liquid bottles (Fairy, 2018). I’m trying to balance materials in different states, combining and staging different elements to […]

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Sally King gallery porthole

Sally King

Sally King is a London-based artist who will present a range of new paintings, drawings, installation and sculpture. Inspired by the movement of the sea over time on the psychogeographical landscape, the works draw from the hunger for the sea and ‘smuggling’ nostalgia, with conscious investigations into the imagined romantic maritime past of England, interrupted […]

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Kerry Kent Kitty McTitty

Kerry Kent

    Kerry Kent is inspired by people, their emotions and motivations. In her previous work she explored vulnerability and how we may be diminished by our need to hide our weaknesses. In her latest work she explores what it would be like to have no consciousness of any weakness with a flamboyant but deliberately […]

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Alex Hall wall-mounted caravan

Alex Hall

I am interested in how the abandoned, neglected and unwanted seem to tease a melancholy reminiscence and nostalgia. How do these objects become synchronised and enveloped into the contrasting environments they are found in. And why, when the inanimate object, both synthetic and organic collides, does it evoke an intriguing emotional response from it’s abandoners, […]

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Philippa King furry head

Philippa King

An East London based artist working mainly in sculpture and photography. My work is about emotions, memory, and the exploration of the self and often focuses on found or appropriated ‘evocative objects’.

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Kathryn Davies

My work is driven by a curiosity of the nature of experience which I explore in my sessions as psychotherapist, through meditation practice and my art work. The creative process for me is an investigation, opening my mind to new ways of seeing and being. I enjoy exploring the mysterious relationship between inner experiences and […]

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Alistair Ayres hunter

Alistair Ayres

Alistair likes to work with a wide range of media, combining traditional methods, such as drawing, printmaking and sculpture, with technological processes like video, digital photography and computer programming. He is interested in exploiting tensions as a tool for revealing more about his subjects. Recurring themes are human domination over the natural world and the […]

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Lija Mother


Lija is a political artist with an interest in social justice and feminism. Her exhibit of posters expresses her concern and anger that language is being taken away from women under the guise of gender fluidity. She references countries such as Canada where terms such as “chestfeeding” and “pregnant person” have been suggested as more […]

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